The North of England is known for its rugged beauty, indeed it has four National Parks and five areas of ‘Outstanding Natural Beauty’. These stunning landscapes are well documented photographically and the genre of Landscape Photography well represents them. However, in this ongoing project – begun in 2021 – I’m looking to feature the ‘other landscapes’. These landscapes, some of which maybe within or outside the National Parks, don’t feature on any post card. These are pictures of our working and everyday landscapes; they include industrial sites, post industrial sites, our working countryside and images of the towns, cities and villages.

A quick note on where the North of England begins, about which there is much debate. Our northern border is obvious: it’s the border with Scotland. For the purpose of this project the southern border that I have drawn is a very rough line across England from the mouth the Mersey at Birkenhead, to the mouth of the Humber at Grimsby; and everything North of this line is fair game for this project.