Our transport infrastructure is in a state of flux, what with the impact of climate change, and our present economic circumstances. The A303 is sometimes called the ‘route to the sun’ and bisects the counties of Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Somerset and Devon. It is just one road which has been subject to various improvement schemes over the decades. Much of the road is now dual-carriageway however there are significant sections which remain a simple two-way road often resulting in gridlock at peak periods. There has been talk for decades on making the entire route dual-carriageway, but for one reason or another, this remains illusory. Indeed the long-promised scheme to tunnel under the Stonehenge landscape is in doubt once more.

This 10 year photography project, begun in 2019, aims to capture all aspects of the A303 as it evolves over the next decade, and that will include pictures of its physical infrastructure, public service areas, private roadside businesses, and road users.